Sharing Solutions For Food Retailers

We can help you map, track and optimise the sustainability impacts of your food donations. Don’t donate surplus food yet? We can help you explore the possibilities and impacts it can create.

Globally, we waste around a third of all food grown. This has a major cost for people and the planet. Redistributing surplus food that is still good to eat lies at the top of the food waste hierarchy and helps avoid these costs while providing a range of benefits. SHARING SOLUTIONS provides data and analysis about the sustainability impacts of food donation.

Sharing Solutions For Food Donors

SHARING SOLUTIONS generates evidence-based reports to inform decision making around food waste reduction, corporate social responsibility and Environmental, Social and Corporate Governance goals related to surplus food donation. We support increased communication and understanding between food donors and recipients to optimise the mutual benefits of food redistribution.

For food retailers already donating surplus food we provide:

  • Sustainability impact analysis of the impacts created by current donations.
  • Analysis of current donation practices with recommendations for optimisation.
  • Mapping the initiatives located in your area who can help you redistribute food.
  • Annual reviews of donation impact.

Retailers looking to donate surplus food

For food retailers wanting to begin surplus food donation we provide:

  • Guidance on navigating food donation guidelines.
  • Analysis of the local context of food donation, identifying food sharing initiatives in your locality looking for donations.
  • Predictive analysis of potential sustainability impacts from food donation.



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