Sharing Solutions For Local Authorities

We can help you map, track and optimise the sustainability impacts of food sharing initiatives in your area

Local authorities can support the urgently required transition to more sustainable food systems if the impacts that are being created within an area are clearly mapped and monitored. SHARING SOLUTIONS provides a suite of services to help you as a local authority map, track and optimise the sustainability impacts of food sharing initiatives in your area.

Our Services

If your local authority is new to establishing the sustainability impacts of food sharing initiatives we offer a range of services to get you started:

Food sharing audits: Map what food is being shared, how it is being shared and how the sharing is organised in your area. Compare your food sharing landscape with other areas.

Impact assessments: Using our novel sustainability impacts toolkit – SHARING SOLUTIONS – we can estimate the cumulative social, environmental and economic impacts that food sharing is creating in your area and their contributions to achieving the sustainable development goals.

Expert recommendations: With extensive expertise in urban food governance, we can provide bespoke recommendations for supporting and increasing the sustainability impacts that food sharing creates in your area.

Annual Review Service

We can help you monitor how your food sharing landscape changes from one year to the next. We can measure and analyze how sustainability impacts change over time and provide tailored recommendations for enhancing sustainability impacts.



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Showcasing sustainability impacts from food sharing